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Corporate Responsibility


EGroup is commitment to developing policies that integrate responsible practices into daily business operations, and to reporting on progress made toward implementing these practices.


It's an opportunity for us to build better relationships with all our stakeholders by paying closer attention to how we fulfill our social, economic, environmental and ethical responsibilities.



EGroup's Community Engagement approach builds relationships with key community initiatives.This approach supports the sustainability of our business and helps build stronger communities. We are proud to be associtaed with the following:


  • Save our Sons

  • Steggles Charity Nest

  • The Ricky Stuart Foundation

  • St Johns Rugby League Club

  • Parramatta District Cricket Club

  • Newcastle Rugby League

  • Country Rugby League




EGROUP is committed to operate in an green and environmentally sound manner, with the objective being to ensure that our products, processes and practices do not adversely impact on the health and well being of our employees, the community or the environment.


Our Goal


  • EGROUP will comply with all environmental standards and regulations relevant to the operation of the individual contracts.


  • EGROUP will continue to research and expand our knowledge of environmental effects, particularly with regard to the development of policies, which take account of economic and social costs and environmental benefits



Health & Satefy


Our policy is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy, environment, working conditions, equipment, and systems of works in our workplace.  It is also our policy to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities.  We will also provide such information, training, and supervision, as is need for this purpose.  We also acknowledge responsibility for the health and safety for other people who may be affected by our work and activities.


It is also our policy to consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety, and it is our policy to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health.

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