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People & Culture

We have a Client Ethos that clearly states the importance we attach to our clients.  We have a Team Ethos that clearly states the importance we attach to teamwork.  We do this as we believe that our passion for service cannot be delivered without a committed team of people working together toward a common goal.

WE FOCUS - Our total focus on serving our clients.  We strive for a win-win in each relationship – our clients get the services they request and we do this so well, that we have another client who will provide a reference for us to any company that seeks their views on the services we provide to you.

WE PLAN - Planning is a critical success factor with all our services.  For example, we always conduct a risk assessment for events to ensure both EGroup and our client understand  the areas of the event that  may need extra attention in our planning.  We don’t take shortcuts; they only encourage short term relationships.

WE DELIVER - Regardless of our passion for service, we understand that the bottom line is that we must deliver our services in a manner that fully meets your expectations.  We set the ground rules for how we deliver through a series of Operating Procedures and Policies and we monitor our progress through our Quality Management Plan.  We know that some clients operate around the clock, therefore we provide a manned control room 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

WE ADAPT - We have a core set of non-negotiable principles and values that drive our people and the services we provide. Beyond that we can adapt to any situation where a client wants our services.  We are always ready to listen to new approaches to how we deliver our services.  We have a company culture that encourages innovation  and forward thinking.  We get great suggestions from our people, but generally the exceptional ideas come from our clients.  When we innovate its win-win for EGroup and our clients.

WE RESPECT - We know you made a choice when you selected us to provide our services to you. 


We will not take that decision for granted and we want it to be one of the best decisions you ever made. As our CEO describes it “They’re one of us now, look after them”.

WE COMPLY - Our compliance with all regulations and statutes relevant to the services we provide are an obvious focus for our management team.  Noncompliance in some services carry substantial financial penalties for both the client and the provider of the service. We clearly focus on always providing compliant services to you.

WE UNDERSTAND - We provide services in  over a half-dozen  market segments and to do this successfully we must know our markets and understand the unique needs that each client faces in their respective market.  We will always share our experience and suggestions with our clients, however you know your business better than anyone, therefore we will always take your guidance on how  we provide our services to you.

WE CARE - Our entire operation is geared to successfully providing our services to you and making sure you are fully satisfied with everything we do. We have an advanced software  application with workflow that allows us to monitor all services and even reminds us when to do ‘welfare check ‘ phone calls to our staff to ensure they know the details of their next shift, this helps ensure there are no last minute surprises that would impact on the services we provide you.

We assign an Account Manager to every client who will work with you to maximise the benefits of EGroup services, and also to assist with any problems that arise.  Know that you are one of us – your problems are our problems. 


We will serve you  with honesty and integrity.

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