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At EGroup Car Park customer service is a top priority for us, and we believe each customer needs a focal point for enquiries. This is why, as part of our service we offer 24x7 customer support. We have partnered with Amano Parking Systems to provide our clients the latest in parking technology.


We also offer added services such as free umbrella loan, free bicycle hire, mobility schemes and battery recharging. Many clients, whether they are looking for long or short-term leases, want a re-refurbishment and re-fit plan to improve their parking facilities and create a good first impression to customers.


EGroup Car Park has the financial backing to not only refurbish the car park but to also repair, replace and upgrade of equipment as required as well as offering the following:


  • Head Lease Management

  • Owner Operated Management

  • Asset management and planned maintenance programmes

  • Accessibility audits to ensure compliance with statutory legislation

  • Installation of customer-focused clear signage

  • Security measures to ensure safe environments for drivers and their vehicles.

Egroup Car Park
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