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Values and Culture


EGROUP Core Values Fundamental to compliance with the professional standards of our company is a requirement to adhere to the core values of the organisation. The core values of EGROUP are as follows:





Integrity is a core requirement of EGROUP. On an individual level, integrity is displayed through soundness of moral principle, honesty and sincerity.


As an organisation and company, EGROUP demonstrates integrity through:


  • a genuine commitment to the success of individuals

  • complete honesty and forthrightness in all commitments with people

  • high standards of personal conduct and character at all times

  • complete trustworthiness when handling property, money and information




Commitment is characterised by dedication, application, perseverance and a belief in your ability to achieve and add value.


In EGROUP, commitment is displayed when individuals:


  • apply themselves to all tasks/jobs for which they have responsibility

  • persist with jobs until objectives are achieved or are no longer reasonably attainable

  • strive to uphold the vision and mission EGROUP

  • strive to achieve individual, team and corporate milestones




EGROUP believes there is always room for improvement – and that the never-ending search for improvement leads to excellence. We aim for excellence in everything we do.


To promote excellence at EGROUP we:


  • empower our employees and involve them in providing a quality service

  • coach and develop people rather than control and direct them to strive and deliver the product that best serves the needs of our clients

  • constantly improve work performance by seeking to remove waste and inefficiencies

  • dedicate time and effort to self-improvement

  • encourage innovation, experimentation and risk taking support teamwork by: communicating with each other; participating together with problem solving; sharing work; delegating and taking responsibility for individual tasks; dealing with conflict, performance problems and discipline issues.




Accountability is about ownership of work or results, and being answerable for outcomes.


In EGROUP, this means we:


  • accept personal responsibility for the consequences of our efforts

  • ensure people know what is expected of them, how their work will be evaluated and how success is measured or determined

  • allow individuals and teams to make decisions about their work

  • do not assume credit for the work of others

  • give feedback on work performance




Fairness means being impartial and equitable.


In EGROUP, that means we:


  • respect people as individuals and for their differences

  • apply anti-discrimination, fairness and equity principles in our daily work

  • do not act from malice, prejudice or personal bias when making decisions

  • approach people and issues with tolerance and an open mind




Trust means having faith and confidence, and being able to rely and depend on others.


In EGROUP, that means we:


  • assume people can be relied on to do the right thing

  • declare conflicts of interest if they arise

  • do not subject people to abuses of power

  • respect each other regardless of roles and status

  • foster an environment in which people do not fear punishment for making honest mistakes

EGROUP Core Values
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